Friday, November 20, 2015

My Rapid Card

           Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh everyone. So, how are you today? Hope that all of you are fine. Today, I will share with you about the picture above. Have you seen it before? Are you familiar with it? If you are one of the LRT, monorail or Rapidkl passenger, then I am sure that you know what is the function of the card as in the image above. 

            In the picture above, its called MyRapid pass or card. This card is used when we want to take RapidKl LRT, monorail or Rapid Bus to go to work or anywhere. Instead of buying the token everytime I want to take the LRT, I prefer to have this card because its easier rather than queue up to buy the token. The image shown below is the token that I talked about. 

               As you can see up here, the token is small and its size is similar to 50 cent coin. I could lost it anytime because its to small. Moreover, to get this token, I have to queue up at the machine provided and this token can only be used once. Compared to the Rapidpass, it can be used as long as the pass still has enough amount to pay the LRT, monorail or bus fares.  



        The pass is also easy to be reloaded. At the train station, there are numbers of machine have been provided for passenger to buy the token or to reload their Rapid pass. Usually, I will reload my pass around RM10 or RM20. When I reach the train station, I just have to swipe my pass to enter the platform. No more waiting at the machine to get the token. 

            In the image below, there are steps on how to reload the Rapid pass. Its really easy guys. The process takes about a minute, and voila,your pass has been reloaded. 

             This pass can only be access for transport under RapidKl company such as LRT, Monorail and RapidKl buses. You only have to bring one pass, but, you can pay for three different fares for three different transports. Its really good and effective. No more worries. 

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