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            Assalamualaikum to all, bonjour tout le monde and hi everyone.So, how are you today? Hope that everything is good. Today, I would like to share and to tell you that how lucky I am when smartphone has been produced few years ago. As you can see up there, I have put some pictures of smartphone from ASUS brand, and the model is Zenfone 5. I am using this kind of model for the meantime, and to me, this is one of the best phone I ever had. The picture shown below is the model of my previous phone, and it is just a normal cellphone and does not have the new technologies as the smartphone has in it. 

My current phone


My previous phone 

         As you know, there are a lot of applications in a smartphone that can make our life easier compared to the previous time. As for my phone, there are a lot of applications installed such as WhatsApp, Google, Gmail, Waze, TripAdvisor, FB Messenger, Polaris Office and MySolat.       

          All of these applications have helped me a lot especially in terms of connecting with people, communicate with family and friends, finding location, to book hotel and also to do my work that need to use Office's software. With smartphone, my life getting better from day to day, besides, I could save some of my money when it comes to the necessity to connect and communicate with people at one time.                                           
            Without the advanced technology that we have today, it is impossible to have all the facilities as what we have today. So here, I will explain about some of applications that I have make my life getting easier.

1. Whatsapp

     What is Whatsapp? According to Wikipedia, Whatsapp is a proprietary cross-platform instant messaging client for smartphones that operates under a subscription business model. It uses the Internet to send text messages, images, video, user location and audio media messages to other users using standard cellular mobile numbers. Whatsapp Inc was found in 2009 by the two of former employees of Yahoo, Brian Acton and Jan Koum.

      I have used this application for more than 2 years, and I found that, there are a lot of improvements in this application such as, we can know whether the message that we sent to another user have been read or not, we can also send our voice message if we feel lazy to type the text, and we can also call our friends or family by using Whatsapp call,which is free and there is no charge at all. Plus, we can also having a group discussion through Whatsapp, since Whatsapp provide a group chat for its users. By creating a group, we can add our friends and family into the group that we created,so that, we can discuss and solve any matters in a short time. Thus, this application is very useful and helpful to us.  Merci beaucoup Whatsapp!!! 

2. Gmail 

        Gmail application is awesome! That's all I can said everytime I checked my mail. But, why do I say so? As for me, Gmail is well organized, has an interesting preview since I can change the background of the site, user friendly, and its easy for me to compose new mail. Besides, I could know if there is an important message for me by looking at the label of the message as in the image shown below. 
       If I receive any new mails in my Inbox, the mails will be divided into 3 parts which are   i) primary, ii) social, and iii) promotions, as shown in the image. Therefore, my Inbox will be looking more tidy and systematic. What type of mail that conttain in the primary,social and promotions part?
         As for the primary part in my Inbox, all mails or messages that been sent were from my friends, colleagues, CIMB Clicks to tell about anything that related to my account, PTPTN and also from P1 to remind me about my Internet bill. Meanwhile, in the social part, there are messages from the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to notify me about new updates from my account. As for the third part in my Inbox which is promotions part, there are mails from websites that I subscribed such as Air Asia, CIMB marketing, P1 careline, The Body Shop and regarding the new products or any new promotions from them.

3. Polaris Office

         Polaris Office is one of my favorite applications. It's easy to get this application. Just downloaded it from Google Play Store applications, and its free. No charge fees. By having this application in my phone, its easy for me to view any document or files in Word format, PowerPoint and Excel through my phone. 

         I don't need to open my laptop or desktop just to open those documents. Besides, I could also do some changes on those documents by using my phone. Its getting easier nowadays, right?


4. Waze              

       Last two weeks, me and my family went to Hospital Melaka to visit my uncle. but unfortunately, I was not familiar and don't even know how to get there, although my hometown is in Melaka. So sad, right? Haha. 

        Suddenly, I remembered that I have an application that could help me to find a location at anytime, and it's name is Waze. Yes, Waze. I'm sure that all of you have heard about it, and for sure each of us has installed this useful application in our phone. This application is very useful and helpful, and you dont' have to worry if you are alone while finding the location by using Waze. thisis because, Waze provide a voice that will give you an instruction on which way you have to go such as turn left, turn right, exit left, keep right, and many more. All the instructions are easy to understand. 

                One more thing, Waze will try to find routes that uncrowded to make sure that you can reach the destination in a short time, besides you don't have to face the traffic jam. Waze could also estimate time and duration for you to reach your destination. Sounds interesting, right? Those things are what I love about Waze. Thank you so much Waze!

5. Facebook Messenger


          This application is one of the useful application for me in order to communicate and connecting with my friends and families. Previously, if I want to send a message to my friend, I have to open the Facebook website, log in to my Facebook account, find my friends' name and click the send message tab. There are many steps need to be done before I could communicate with them. But after Facebook has developed the new system which called as Facebook Messenger, it become easier for us as the Facebook user in order to send and chatting with our families and friends because we don't need to log in to our Facebook account anymore. But we have to make sure that we must have this application in our phone, and the person that we want to communicate with also has this application in their phone. 

             With Faceboook messenger, we are not only can have chit chatting with friends, but we can also call them through this application and it's for free. No charge at all. But, the call can only be done if the person also has installed this application in their phone. 


So friends, these are some information that I can share with you for this entry. And for my next entries, I will share more things and information about system or anything that related to technologies and also the information system (IT). See you again. 

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